Super Bowl II

The DIRTeByRDeeZ have finally captured their first fantasy championship of the modern era. After years of perseverance, hard work and ingenius roster moves, the Birds finally had a dream season and took the championship trophy home. With a dominating regular season (10 wins, 9 consecutive), the Birds were heavily favored to take the crown. Faced with a tough divisional final game versus the Jammers, the Birds pulled out a 112-97 victory, based largely on the strength of WRs Marvin Harrison and Plaxico Burress. The Jammers were hobbled by a season ending injury to Priest Holmes and a weak performance from their other superstar Ricky Williams.

As if the planets were not aligned perfectly yet, the next week the Birds faced a Flaming Shrapnel squad missing superstar Terrell Owens. Despite some curious lineup changes, the Birds cruised to a 96-75 victory in one of the uglier Super Bowls to be played. Still, in the end, the Birds started out 1-3, and finished the season out 12-3. How you like them apples?

The Birds this year put together a monster team and a monster season. QB Michael Vick emerged as the name of the future while RBs Ahman Green and Corey Dillon had solid seasons. The WR corps was too deep to sleep, with a record breaking season by Marvin Harrison and stellar numbers by Plaxico Burress and Jerry Rice. Emerging threats Koren Robinson and Chad Johnson barely cracked the starting lineup, despite supernova-like second halves.

Disgruntled Dirty Bird stars, Corey Dillon and Plaxico Burress were wondering why they were left sitting on the bench in the most important game of the year, and played "what if" on the sidelines. As in, "what if the Birds had lost because Coach Yang sat down two of his premiere players?" Luckily, we will never know the answer to that question. For now, the Birds are planning a celebratory RV trailer park cruise around Iraq and Iran as a reward for their successful season and championship status.

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