Playoffs & TB 2018: RD2


Playoffs, RD2 - Conference Finals
#1 Chunky Monkeys (9-4) vs #3 Athena Nike (7-6)
Frank's team took out the trash on the way to an "upset" of Tiiite End Jammers and now Evan's worst fears have materialized: a matchup with streaking Athena Nike, who haven't lost in five weeks. We are very excited about this matchup and can't wait to see what happens!

#1 Philadelphia Phreaks (7-6) vs #2 Gang Green (7-6)
Greenies didn't need Derrick Henry's 47.8 points to sneak by Fobsters in RD1. While Fobsters did make it interesting near the end, they eventually lost by -2.2 points, which was a common theme for them all season long. Phreaks had a huge week on bye, and a repeat would vault them right into their first ever Super Bowl appearance.

Toilet Bowl, RD2 - Finals
#3 Battle Angel (5-8) vs #4 Fat Jubas (5-8)
Both lower seeds advanced, but it's fair to say that Battle Angels, our #3 seed, was the clear Toilet Bowl favorite as they led CTDB in PF this season. They blew Buffy out by 33+ and that was all she wrote for Roger. Vu lost to Eric WK12 so there is an upset chance here.

Fat Jubas used a big week from Jameis Winston, plus a decent game from Steelers' third running back Jaylen Samuels, to upset defending champ Dirty Birds. After an eight-game win streak WK4-11, they've now won three in a row. Can they pick up one more victory and secure next year's top pick?!

Playoff Previews 2018

A look at each team's 2018 season and playoff preview after our division re-names and a year of amazing parity that resulted in seven of our ten teams within one game of 0.500.

Tiiite End Jammers (7-6) vs Athena Nike (7-6)
After starting off red hot and looking like a juggernaut at midseason, Jammers have dropped five of their last six and barely squeaked into the playoffs — that one win was a 0.5 squeaker versus Fobsters too. All this and Jammers still ended up with the  easiest PA in the league at 110.4 per week.

So which Jammers will show up for the playoffs? Unfortunately, probably the same one that only put up 115.0 points per week, and it’s not like injuries wrecked their second half of the season. Aaron Rodgers  has slowed and despite his of impressive receivers — Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Emmanuel Sanders, Sony Michel — there just isn’t enough offense here. Rookie running backs Kerryon Johnson and Sony Michel have been good when on the field, but both have missed games. The absolute lost season from Le’Veon Bell really hurt here.

As for the team they’ll be facing, Athena Nike, it’s the complete opposite story. Frank’s team has won five of its last six and has had an absolutely monstrous back half of the season by stomping on every opponent and displaying a massive ceiling — it took a 173.4 PA in WK9 to beat Nike.

Ezekiel Elliot is a man refreshed, as is Amari Cooper post-Cowbodys trade. The trio of Cooper, Michael Thomas, and DeAndre Hopkins is excellent, and there’s a possibility Courtland Sutton sneaks in a start due to Matt Breida’s injury. With Leonard Fournette back from a one-game suspension and Adrian Peterson proving that he’s still got wheels, it should be an easy stroll in the park upset for Cam Newton and Athena Nike this week. Or does Frank step in with rookie Baker Mayfield?!?

Gang Green (7-6) vs Fobsters (6-7)
A WK13 win at Buffy locked in Gang’s playoff spot and they even got a higher seed out of the situation as Fobsters fell. Much like Phreaks, Greg’s team is peaking at the right time as they’ve put up 130+ in recent weeks, representing their best two week showings. And while Athena Nike has been wow-ing CTBD during the late stretch, Gang Green has cleaned up with five of six wins in their back half of the season as well. Just as we predicted, Gang finished up with a nice playoff push.

Christian McCaffrey has been the second half stud for this team, as the second-year running back has posted 31+ in four of his last five games. Davante Adams has been great as well, and after an early season of Deshaun Watson starts, it looks like Big Ben is now the preferred starter for coach Greg. There isn’t a whole lot behind McCaffrey-Adams as far as star power or depth, so it’ll take a lot for Green to avoid an upset.

The Capcom division leader heading into WK13, Fobsters slipped to a three-seed after a loss to 5-8 Jubas. Bad form. That’s three straight losses for Fobsters and four of six for their back half of the season. Still, the playoffs are a new ball game and Fobsters are undeniably talented as they sport Melvin Gordon, Kareem Hunt, Joe Mixon, and rookie second-half sensation Nick Chubb. Oh wait, did we mention Hunt? Whoops, looks like he’s gone due to his…we all know what happened. Still, with Gordon on the mend, a three-headed RB attack is still here for Fob.

The big question is their passing game, as Tom Brady has slipped this year and exciting years by sophomores Kenny Golladay and Corey Davis, this team could use a big more pop through the air.

A season featuring tough losses — by 2.5 to Monkeys, 0.5 to Jammers, 4.3 to Gang Green — leaves this team wondering what could have been. If Fobsters get knocked out in the first round, they’ll perhaps regret not pulling the plug on Brady earlier, despite a nice season’s worth of unearthing gems like Chubb, Golladay, Anthony Miller, and Geronimo Allison.

Bye Teams
Chunky Monkeys (9-4)
Flying very high off back-to-back 160+ point weeks, Chunky will look forward to a bye after laying an absolute egg in WK13, scoring their lowest total of the season. That blip won’t really matter though as Monkeys are still in pole position for a title after racking up 130.4 points per game — good for second in CTDB.

Rookie of the year Saquon Barkely has led Monkeys all year and there is plenty of support behind him as Kirk Cousins and Tyreek Hill, although a slightly weak tight end position could be cause for concern moving forward. Still, a big congrats to Monkeys for going last-to-first and capturing a Marvel division title — for the ninth time — as well as the best record in the league by two whole games.

Philadelphia Phreaks (7-6)
Ping’s team vaulted into a bye and a Capcom division title in WK13 by securing a win over Battle Angel and then out tie-breaking Gang Green. They seem to be peaking at just the right time too, as they’ve put up back-to-back 140+ points and super passing attack of Patrick Mahomes, Zach Ertz, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Keenan Allen will have to take the week off.

After suffering through season ending injuries to Devonta Freeman, Cooper Kupp, and Marshawn Lynch, it’s been a big victory for Ping to emerge with this bye week, a distinction they last earned in 2014, and now with three division titles total.

Toilet Bowl Preview 2018

And our 2018 Toilet Bowl participants... Remember that Toilet Bowl seedings aren't based on divisions!

#1 Dirty Birds (6-7) vs #4 Fat Jubas (5-8)
After getting pounded by the second highest PA in the league, our defending champs were sent to the Toilet Bowl with two losses in their last three games. Despite the fantasy all-stars that were Todd Gurley and Drew Brees, Birds could never find a consistent rhythm all season and will instead be forced to play in the consolation tournament.

Still, they have a good chance here to advancing, as they are the one-seed and feature Brees/Gurley along with a quartet of nice receivers around Gurley — Odell Beckham Jr, TY Hilton, recent trade acquisition Robert Woods, and rookie Calvin Ridley. With Dalvin Cook finally healthy, Dirty hopes to redeem their lost season with a high pick.

Fat Jubas are our champs from two years ago — making this the Toilet Bowl battle between the two previous champs — but also slipped to the bottom after a 4-9 2017 season. Well, 2018 wasn’t much better as Jubas ripped off eight straight losses between WK4-11, thus sealing their fate. The good news is that’ve put up 115+ in their last two outings, the bad news is Dirty Birds puts up 123.3 per and has only been under 115 once in their last seven tries.

Still, with a strong passing game, including the return of Jameis Winston as a starter, Jubas could look to use Winston, Adam Thielen, and Mike Evans to create an upset special. Somehow recent trade acquisition Tarik Cohen and post-injury Chris Carson are now this team’ best bets at running back, as David Johnson and Tevin Coleman are slowing down just as the postseason competition ramps up. Jubas could sure us a top finish in the Toilet Bowl to return to their previous glory.

#2 LA Buffy (6-7) vs #3 Battle Angel (5-8)
What a wild roller coaster ride for Buffy, as they started off 1-4, won four straight, and then whimpered to a 1-3 finish. And now it looks like James Connor and AJ Green are both out, leaving Buffy a very tenuous two-seed in the Toilet Bowl.

It’s been a juggling act all season for Roger as he’s shifted pieces in and out, with Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson splitting time at quarterback and injuries across the board. A backfield of James White, Peyton Barber, and TJ Yeldon aren’t that scary and the aged trio of Larry Fitzgerald, Julian Edelman, and Doug Baldwin won’t strike fear into anyone’s hearts either. First round pick at 1.2, Royce Freeman, has been a dud and has left Buffy mostly toothless for this matchup, despite the nominal upper seed.

What happens when you pair the best PA with the best PF in the league? Well, you get a Toilet Bowl monster, that’s what! Battle Angels led CTDB with 133.2 points per week while facing opponents who put up 132.4 on average. That’s not a lot room for error and Vu has found himself stumbling after a 3-1 start with a 2-7 record the rest of the way. Oh, but when this team is on, it can be on as they boast Alvin Kamara, Philip Rivers (or Jared Goff), and Travis Kelce in key positions.

There’s even a double tight end lineup here of Kelce and Greg Kittles here, along with grabbing another great FA rookie running back in Bronco Phillip Lindsay -- Vu is starting to specialize in this after Kamara and Lindsay in back-to-back years undrafted. Plus Aaron Jones as an under-the-radar seance half breakout. Receiver Jarvis Landry has been inconsistent all year so Adam Humphries and his string of wonderful games have taken over Landry’s starting spot, alongside Brandin Cooks.

So while Battle Angel are only the three-seed in the Toilet Bowl, they have to be the favorite to win it all for a number one pick in 2019.

Playoff Matchups: 2018

Playoffs, RD1
Tiiite End Jammers (7-6) vs Athena Nike (7-6)
Gang Green (7-6) vs Fobsters (6-7)

Byes: Chunky Monkeys (9-3), Philadelphia Phreaks (7-6)

*Tie-breaker: Points Scored, H2H was tied 1-1 so Tiiite End Jammers beat Athena Nike on PF for higher seed
*Tie-breaker: Points Scored, H2H was tied 1-1 so Philadelphia Phreaks defeat Gang Green on PF for higher seed and division title

Toilet Bowl, RD1
#1 Dirty Birds (6-7) vs #4 Fat Jubas (5-8)
#2 LA Buffy (6-7) vs #3 Battle Angel (5-8)

*Tie-breaker: Points Scored, H2H was tied 1-1 for both 6-7 and 5-8 teams so defer to PF

Standings 2018